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Weight Loss Diet Plan, The Complete Trim Detox Way

By: Calvin Newstead
The increasing obesity issues in our country have turned the attention of many people towards exploring new means of loosing weight. Many people have exploited this trend and today one finds numerous weight loss diet plans that promise the moon. The innumerable options for loosing weight that one can find cover weight loss diets, diet pills, body wraps, health spas and even weight loss surgery. The weight loss diets themselves range from more popular ones like Atkins diet and GM diet to others like the South Beach weight loss diet. Some programs suggest a low fat intake whereas others recommend a low carb curriculum. The latest fad going around is the low glycemic index weight loss diet. There are also the meal replacements and meal providers that have found favor with many.

The choices offered are so abundant that one is often left confused about which one to chose for oneself. Though there are many testimonials going around, one does not know what combination of weight loss diet and change in lifestyle actually caused the weight loss. Also, though the details of the weight loss diet are mentioned, the manner in which it works is either not specified or extremely vague and ambiguous. To add to it all, most of these weight loss diet plans are temporary and short lived, the effect of which wears off in a few months. This yoyo effect is caused by the fact that most of these weight loss diets do not address the core of the issue. Why is it that some people seem to continue to put on weight in spite of the fact that they eat less?

The root cause of this enigmatic answer lies in the fact that gain in weight is fundamentally linked to cellular activity and unless that is addressed the problem of weight gain cannot be uprooted from the core.

Weight gain occurs when the amount of energy (or food) ingested in the system is more than the energy utilized by the body for various activities. About 95% of the entire energy produced in the body comes from the process performed by the mitochondria. Any factor that disrupts the efficient working of the mitochondria shall result in a decrease in the amount of energy used.

If the body is not completely detoxed, the toxins ooze out into the bloodstream through interstitial walls and cause the mitochondria to dysfunction. The mitochondria are small cylinder shaped tissues that produce energy from the food that we consume. The structure of these powerhouses of the cell is so similar to that of bacteria that they are greatly affected by excessive intake of antibiotics, magnesium, metals and toxins. Such toxic substances affect the immune system that produces nitric oxide, which in turn harm the mitochondria further.

Other factors that can also contribute to weight gain are improper diet, stress, organ dysfunctions, metabolic defects, nutritional factors and lack of exercise. Unless all these factors that contribute to issues that result in weight gain are addresses completely, you may be able to achieve short-lived reduction in weight by following one of the weight loss diet programs, but are unlikely to obtain long lasting weight loss results that ensure that your years ahead are healthy and full of success.

There is no medicine or pill that can cure mitochondria dysfunction and the only way to deal with this issue is to obliterate the factors that have caused the dysfunction in the first place. Addressing only the symptoms of the inefficiencies of the mitochondria (in this case the weight gain) by resorting to weight loss diets, ensure that the problem will reoccur.
A complete detox program addresses all the factors that can cause an increase in weight. Not only does it get the mitochondria to work and produce energy as efficiently as it did before but also wipe out stress, organ, metabolic defects and all the causes of weight gain listed above. Unlike a weight loss diet that aims at removing the symptoms, a complete detox program has a holistic approach that not only ensure that you loose those extra inches but also keeps it off and gives you higher energy and vitality to add life to your years. You can wear all the clothes that you dreamed of donning and make each day of your life a celebration!

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